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Brenda is known for her huge smile, outgoing personality and outstanding customer service! Putting the customer first and listening to their needs has always been her priority from the beginning of her sales career, through direct in home sales, entertainment sales and corporate sales, and continues to be her number one priority.Brenda has been in the sales business for over 25+ years, winning a USA Crown Princess award for direct sales. Brenda is involved with many organizations in the area, one of her cherished projects is her donation drive for the Valor Clinic Foundation who assists displaced Veterans. Brenda has earned the Citizen Educational Award, as recognition of Excellence in promoting Citizen Education and the patriotic principals of the Veteran of Foreign Wars, for her work with the Valor Foundation. Brenda's motto is “Let’s Get It Done!”, there is always a way to accomplish the goal, we might have to go around the mountain instead of through it but we will get it done.If you are looking for a hard working, passionate realtor who makes you their number one priority, look no further.
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Brenda Altenderfer

  • Real Estate Professional
100 Foxshire Drive
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601 United States

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