North Queen

Nested atop the renovated 101NQ building, The Point's modern condos provide magnificent views of the historic Lancaster City skyline and offer the best in luxury living in Central Pennsylvania.

Units 402 and 410 are newly finished units. Unit 402 is ADA accessible. Unit 402 is offered at $849,000, and Unit 410 at $975,000.

In addition to the two finished condos, there are four other remaining units finished to the drywall stage, including Penthouse Unit 407. With these units, each new owner has the opportunity to customize and finish the interior spaces as they desire. Pricing for white box units range from $738,000 to $1,420,000. Interior finishing costs are extra.

The 101NQ residences offer expansive windows, open floor plans, large outdoor terraces, a beautiful community room, dedicated ground floor parking with a private elevator for condo owners, and storage units off the garage.